5 Best Blender for Shakeology 2021 Reviews

When you are in a hurry but need to blend strong and smooth protein shakes, the best Blenders for Shakeology can be a great help. It is excellent kitchenware for whipping up protein shakes that add extra ingredients into your diet. On the other hand, mixing your protein drink in a shaker bottle is time-consuming and tiresome, and the bottle shaker cannot blend the ingredients as smoothly as the Shakeol ogy blender does.

The best blenders for Shakeology must have the high speed and power that you will need to mix all the ingredients for smooth juice. Also, you should look for the variability, so you can add your favorite ingredients to get your shake smooth, tasty, and unique. The capacity is another factor you need to consider while buying a blender for shakeology. If you are single and have to make a protein shake for yourself only, you do not need a bigger blender. If you consider these factors, you can buy the high-quality Blender for shakeology. However, I have researched for you by spending hours to figure out which Blender would be best for you considering material, design, capacity, and price.

Which is the Best Blender for Shakeology Shake?

Nutri Ninja Pro is my overall winner. It is the best Blender to make creamy, delicious, and healthy shakeology. The super-strong and long-lasting blades will crush and break down fruits and vegetables while keeping the nutrients of the food intake because Nutri Ninja Pro does not distinguish the pulp from the liquid.

I have chosen this model because it has powered by a 900-watt motor that can crush and blend all ingredients equally and make you a smooth shakeology shakes. The small size will easily fit in the countertop; also, you can carry it comfortably while traveling.

Top 5 Blenders for Shakeology 2021

1. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender (BL456)

2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

3. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

4. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

5. Oster BLSTPB-WRS My Blend 250-Watt Blender

Finding the best Blender for shakeology is challenging because there are too many blenders available in the market. However, to help you find the best one, I have analyzed and scrutinized it online to get you the best kitchenware for making smooth protein shakes. Keeping the basic to advanced requirements in my mind, I have reviewed many blenders and narrowed them down to the top 5. Apart from examining each product, I have listed the highlighted pros and cons for you to evaluate all of them. You will also find the essential buying guide that will help you determine what factors you can consider when you are in the market to buy a blender.

1. Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender (BL456)

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender (BL456)

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact can be your first choice if you want to extract all hidden nutrition from whole fruits and vegetables. Though there are many blenders you can find in the market that promise to mix food smoothly, they often fail to provide powerful nutrients and vitamins.

On the other hand, Ninja Nutri Pro crushes and extracts any hidden element from the food so that all nutrients will be intake. The 900-watt motor is powerful enough to break down fruits and vegetables for juices and smoothies without losing the necessary nutrients. If you like to travel but need the drink later, you can take your premade protein shake. Using this Blender, you can easily crush ice, seeds, skins, stems, and frozen ingredients for juicer and smoothie.

How about the container size? Well, you will get an 18 oz and 24 oz container that is convenient to prepare shakeology with multiple ingredients.

Worry about cleaning Ninja Nutri Pro? Fortunately, all parts, including the jar, are BPA free and you can wash them using the dishwasher.

What I like
  • Extract hidden nutrients
  • 9000 watts power
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher-Safe parts
  • Better Lid
  • Easier to use IMO
  • Use frozen berries
  • Chop everything well
What I don’t like
  • Overfill lead to the leak
  • No automatic programs
  • No pitcher included

2. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

As the name suggests, it is one of the high-speed Blenders for shakeology. With the compact design, you can get a glass of smoothie within a few seconds. The polycarbonate body assures the longevity of this appliance. If you want a healthier lifestyle with a nutrient-packed smoothie, NutriBullet can be a better product to consider. Just add the whole foods, including nuts, berries, spinach, and fruits, and then press the blend button.

The powerful 600-watt motor and refined nutrient-extraction blades crush and blend whole foods into pieces and blend perfectly to make a delicious smoothie.

The 18 oz and 24 oz handheld cup will help you to fit it on the Blender perfectly. Also, the razor-sharp extractor blades and milling blades are enough to crush, chop, and blend all kinds of food into shakeology. The plastic cups are lightweight but long-lasting and durable.

Are you worried about cleaning the NutriBullet Blender for shakeology? Well, it offers hassle-free cleaning, twists off the blade, and rinses with soap and water. Also, do not forget to put the cups in the top rack of the dishwasher.

What I like most
  • Original nutrient extractor
  • Capacity up to 24 oz
  • Twist extractor blade
  • Included recipe book
  • Higher customer ratings
  • Made with the polycarbonate material
  • Stay-fresh resealable lids
  • Break down the toughest ingredients to unlock vital nutrients
What I don’t like
  • Clogged up sometimes
  • Possible leaking

3. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

When using Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender, you are in full control with a 1-touch button, six pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and a ten-speed manual control panel. These features give the ability to blend and texture. Not blending correctly because of weak blades and slow speed is the standard-issue among the Blender, and for making shakeology, smooth blending is mandatory.

Moreover, Blendtec Total Classic comes with stainless steel forged blades with wings that are 80% thicker than other models. Also, the ten times stronger blades are enough to make smooth blends. However, the blades are dull, not sharp. So you should not worry about cuts and pokes. A BPA-free 75 oz four-sided jar will come with this Blender with a maximum 32 oz blending capacity. Using this considerable container, you can easily prepare a smoothie for 3-4 people.

Worry about how to clean it? Well, it is a self-cleaning blender; add a little soap and water, then the jar will clean itself in less than a minute.

It has a massive 1650 watts motor that is the highest power blander for shakeology. Using this much power, you can make shakeology super-fast and get a drink in less than 6 minutes. Also, you will get a 3-feet cord. It will help you if the power board is a little away from the kitchen cabinet.

Blendtec is a family-owned kitchen appliance manufacturer that assures high-quality products without compromising anything issue. So you will get the eight years of warranty. Also, all products are engineered and assembled in the USA.

What I like most
  • 1650 watts commercial-grade motor
  • Precision pulse button
  • Modern molded plastic finish
  • A 75 oz four-sided jar
  • Pre-programmed cycle
  • 8-year warranty
  • Six pre-programmed cycles
  • Self-cleaning functions
What I do not like
  • Speed slider not available
  • No LED touchscreen
  • Expensive
  • No stealth sound enclosure

4. Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

Most of the shakeology blenders have plastic material, but this one is different. Epica Personal Blender is made of a stainless and plastic body that will assure you long-lasting durability. Suppose you are planning a road trip but cannot miss your favorite protein shake, so you can easily blend healthy smoothies and carry them on the road. Add your preferred ingredients, including fruits and vegetables or protein drink, press the timer, and get a delicious drink.

Another impressive feature is the sealable lid. If you worry about spilling a drink, then you can use this kitchenware because after buying, you will get a sealable lid that will close the mug tightly. Also, the convenient 20 oz to-go mug is enough to prepare drinks quickly.

Like other Shakeology Blender, it also has a BPA-free mixer jar, and the lightweight cup size can easily fit most of the car cup holders. Also, you can drink even the low temperature. The 2-year warranty minimizes the risk. On the other hand, all parts are dishwasher safe.

What I like most
  • Price is low
  • Stainless steel and plastic material
  • Compact design
  • Resist high or low temperature
  • Perfect to go smoothie
  • Break-resistant pitcher
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Convenient and consistent
What I do not like
  • Low motor speed
  • Can’t handle ice like regular Blender
  • Only 300 watts motor

5. Oster BLSTPB-WRS My Blend 250-Watt Blender

Oster BLSTPB-WRS My Blend 250-Watt Blender

With the quick and convenient single touch blending feature and a powerful 250-watt motor, the Oster blender for shakeology can easily crush frozen fruits and ice. Also, the built-in resettable fuse can be a lifesaver for you in case the blender overheats.

You will get a 20 oz BPA-free plastic sport bottle that is just enough to-go drink. So you will not miss your drink when you are outside. The small size, compact design, and pitcher hook on the lid will let you carry the mug easily. All parts are dishwasher safe, and the cups will fit in most of the car cup holders.

What I like most
  • Compact design
  • Smooth blending
  • Super easy cleaning
  • Take only a small space
  • Easy to use
  • Work awesome
  • Low price
  • Single-button program
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Portable Blender
What I do not like
  • Smoothies come out watery sometimes
  • Only 250-watt motor

What is precisely the Shakeology?

If you are a big fan of protein shakes or energy drinks, then you may have heard of shakeology. It is a nutritional protein drink developed by Darin Olien and other health professionals. He is the co-founder of Beachbody that sells health and fitness-related videos and vitamin supplements. Shakeology is the main component of Beachbody’s weight loss programs. Packed with numerous nutrients and vitamins, the shakeology is believed to lose weight, increase energy levels, improve overall digestion, and decrease junk food cravings.

When Should You Drink Shakeology?

Morning is the best time to drink shakeology. You can get a glass of shakeology for breakfast that will help you with the cravings, reducing the desire to take a mid-morning snack. Another perfect time is before a workout to get the necessary and extra energy. For the workout, you can add protein powder to muscle recovery.

As we have reviewed various blenders to prepare shakeology, each one can make your protein drink quickly. So you can take this drink any time you want. The process is simple; add your favorite ingredients to the Shakeology blender and press the button. Within few minutes, you will get an entirely made smoothie.

Benefits of having a high-quality Blender for Shakeology

If you want your shakes think but creamy without any chuck of food or powder, then the high-quality Blender is your best option. While making the smoothie, it is essential to mix all the ingredients evenly and get the creamy texture.

The shakeology is not only a protein shakes but also a complete drink. You are free to add any fruit and vegetable you want. Also, the shakeology blenders extract the essential nutrients without losing the quality of the drink. It also contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, multiple vitamins, and essential fibers.

If you want to lose weight, drinking shakeology protein can be your better replacement because it will decrease your cravings.

How to choose the Best Blender for Shakeology (Buying Guide)

What to look for while buying a blender for shakeology? Well, there are multiple factors you should consider before deciding to get it. Primarily, motor power, speed, cup size, price, and design are the basic features you should consider. Here, we have described the fundamental functions and features of the best shakeology blenders.

More Speed Control

How many speed buttons you need on your Shakeology blender? Well, the more buttons you have, the more you can control the Blender. So you can mix the ingredients equally and get the perfect texture. The settings will help you to control the speed to make the smoothie as you like. Also, few blenders come with the pre-programmed settings that let you prepare shakeology easily without hands.

Higher Motor Power

A powerful motor means the super speed that blends you to drink smoothly. If you do not have the perfect motor, there is a chance of burning the motor within a year. On the other hand, high motor power blenders are durable and long-lasting appliances. I have reviewed Blender’s motors as high as 900 watts and as low as 250 watts. Both appliances are useful, but the higher motor power can crush and blend ingredients quickly and smoothly. However, the general home blenders have 600-900 watts of motor power.

Durable Material

What material is used in the shakeology blenders is essential; otherwise, your entire investment will bite the dust if the Blender breaks down after few uses. Typically, these types of small blenders come with plastic jars and cups. However, if you get the plastic materials, make sure it is BPA-free and durable. A few blenders have stainless steel body that is long-lasting. However, I do not recommend a glass pitcher because of the risk of vulnerability and breaking.


Because of their compact design, these blenders are usually small. So the price must be less than the available blenders. However, you will get what you pay. The cheaper blenders do not have higher quality. So you have to budget for $45-$95.

Large vs. Small Jar

The pitcher is essential for any blender. However, the small jar is perfect for a single person; on the other hand, you need to look for a larger jar for a large family. Small blenders are suitable for people who like to travel and workout more.

Long Warranty

If you want to buy a blender for shakeology without risk, high warranty blenders are preferable. I recommend finding the blenders that have more than two years of warranty. However, for expensive blenders, you should get more than five years of warranty.

Easy Cleaning

Most of the blenders for shakeology are dishwasher safe; in fact, all the products I have reviewed above are dishwasher safe. Even the pitchers and blades have a self-cleaning mechanism if you add soap and water. Also, check for easy to clean blenders that are convenient for all kinds of users.


1. Do you need a Blender for Shakeology?

Yes, you will need a blender for shakeology if you are tired of making protein drinks in the shakers or bottles. When you have a blender for shakeology, you can throw ice, one scoop, or a packet of Shakeology along with your favorite ingredients, and you will get smooth protein shakes.

2. Is Shakeology that Good for You?

Though there is no scientific evidence whether the shakeology is right for you, it is believed that this drink helps you lose weight and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

3. How do you make shakeology taste better?

Add your favorite fruits and flavors into the shakeology mix and blend. These will make your drink tasty.

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Final Thoughts

Getting the best Blender for shakeology 2021 among the hundreds of products online is challenging. One Blender differs from another with little or no features. In the above sections, I have highlighted top 5 blenders for shakeology considering the power, speed, control, pitcher, and functions. Also, I have analyzed the essential factors to consider while buying this Blender. With these resources, I hope you can reach the proper decision to buy the best-fitted blender to make protein shakes.


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