Can a Toaster Oven Replace a Microwave?

The hard decision has come in front! Can a toaster oven replace a microwave? Before discussing this, you might want to know the difference between a toaster oven and a microwave. In this article, I will discuss this. All the information here is from huge resources, and our team tried hard to give you authentic and updated information. So let’s start discussing the topic.

A toaster oven is a little countertop electric kitchen appliance that looks like a mini oven but works as a toaster. Generally, it is used for cooking leftover or frozen cooked food or toasting bread. If you want to cook food in small bunches, then oven-toasted will be perfect. On the other hand, a microwave uses electromagnetic waves to cook or heat food. It creates radiation by electromagnetic effect, ranging from around 300 MHz to 300 GHz.

Can a Toaster Oven Replace a Microwave

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Difference Between Toaster Oven and Microwave

In this part of the article, I will discuss the difference between these two. Toaster ovens and microwaves create heat to cook food, but they also have some basic differences. There is a myth about a microwave that it causes cancer, although it has no scientific proof. Microwave creates radiation, but those are not that effective and can cause cancer or harm to health. The difference between them:

Toaster Oven


It takes less time to preheat than microwave. It takes much time to preheat than toaster oven.
It cooks food quickly. It takes time to cook food.
It doesn’t take any special installation. It needs pre installation other the function will not work.
Toaster oven is good for cooking small amount of food. Microwave is good for cooking large amount of food.
It’s easy to replace toaster oven to microwave. Microwave is not replaceable to toaster oven.
Toaster oven is fairly new to this era. Microwave oven is available on the market from a decades.

Now you know the difference between a toaster oven and a microwave. They both are useful and good kitchen appliances although they have some difference.

Can a Toaster Oven Replace a Microwave?

The microwave oven is full size; on the other hand toaster oven is mini, so there is no possibility that a toaster oven can replace a microwave. A toaster oven uses infrared radiation, which is produced by a coil with an electronic current. The coil heats food directly and makes the food crisper and caramelized. It takes less time to heat up and saves energy and electricity. But a microwave differs from this because it takes little time to heat up and doesn’t make the food crisper. It uses water molecules in food and makes heat which helps to cook food. Moreover, it takes time to cook food evenly.

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So there is no possibility that a toaster oven can replace a microwave. However, every appliance has reason to be created, specially when it’s a kitchen appliance. If you have the same budget and capacity to buy one item between a toaster oven and microwave, then I recommend you follow the goal behind buying it. If you’re a single working person who doesn’t cook regularly or have a tiny kitchen space, then a big microwave will be a waste for you. At this moment a toaster oven would be the best choice for you.

However, if you have a large family, or you have a small restaurant, or you need an oven for the office staff, then a toaster oven won’t fit your demand. Choosing a large-size microwave would be the best. Compared to the quality, the microwave is better than the toaster oven. It depends on the item and how it works.

Conclusion: if you want to try a new appliance, then a toaster oven can be a good choice for you, but if you consider it to your need and budget, then the microwave is the best option over everything. Now, what do you think? Can a toaster oven replace a microwave? Let us know in the comment section; we will be happy to welcome your reaction.

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