How To Clean A Coffee Maker – The Best Way

The brand new coffee maker brews fresh and tasty coffee. But when your coffee tastes bitter and funky, then it is time to clean the coffee machine. To keep the coffee maker in good condition and get fresh coffee, you need to clean the machine regularly. With a simple cleaning, you can maintain freshness and remove the hard spot because of constant water using. Also, after washing and cleaning, you can prevent staining. If you use the coffee maker every day, the leftover mineral will buildup in the container, and coffee oil will turn rancid. However, cleaning all these stains is easy, but we are super busy and cannot even remember when the last time we have cleaned the machine is.

If you are not aware of how many days have passed after the last cleaning, stand up, walk to the kitchen, look into the coffee machine, and check out the condition. Well, we guess the machine is not in the condition of brewing fresh coffee. You can clearly see the hard water buildup in the carafe—also, some cleaver minerals deposits inside the machine. We will like to mention that the outward site of the coffee makers is not so shiny outside. However, if you clean the machine, the above issues will go away. That’s when you must track the cleaning schedule and clean it from time to time.

According to the survey, fifty percent of household machines contain yeast and mold, making it more Germs than your bathroom faucet handle. So, it’s necessary to clean your coffee maker regularly.

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What you’ll need to clean the coffee maker

  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Hot soapy water
  • Sponge and soap
  • Dry dish towel

1. Clean with White Vinegar

This is the simple cleaning with the Vinegar method similar to brewing the normal coffee. Before you start cleaning the coffee maker, make sure it has no pods or containers in it. First, empty and rinse the coffee carafe and clear out the filter by dumping the leftover coffee grounds. Then add some white vinegar and water to the coffee maker; the ratio is 1:1. If your coffee maker has a clean function, use it to run the most effective clean cycle.

If your coffee maker has no clean function, press the “Brew Now” as if you are brewing a regular pot of coffee. When the brewing is complete, shut off the machine and allow the vinegar solution to sit for 15 – 30 minutes. Dump out the hot liquid from the coffee jar in a sink after each brew. After completing the vinegar brewing cycle, fill the carafe with fresh water, and start the brewing cycle. The cycle is completed, turn off the machine and empty the carafe chamber. Repeat this cycle 2-3 times. When all cycles are completed, use a dish towel to wipe the machine’s exterior and interior and then resemble all parts.

2. Wash Removable Coffee Machine Parts with Dish Soap

Most of the coffee makers have removable parts. The removable coffee machine parts are dishwasher safe. So you can easily wash them with soap. The benefits of using soap are that it will remove leftover coffee, grinds, and oil. Also, don’t forget to clean the outside and the warming plate where spills can burn on. It is recommended to leave the reservoir’s lid open after washing to dry out completely after each use.

3. Make your carafe sparkle with some rice

The experts suggest always washing the coffee maker carafe every time you brew. Besides, after a long time of use, the carafe may look dingy over time. To make the carafe look fresh, you can fill it with warm and sudsy water and then add some rice. Now, use a scrub sponge to remove the final dirt and make as fresh as new.

The coffee maker holds your kitchen’s prime location because many people cannot start the morning without a hot cup of coffee. However, the constant use of the machine makes it dirty, and then the coffee tastes bad. So to keep the coffee flavor pure and fresh, you have to clean the machine regularly. As you know, the process is simple; follow the above instructions, and after that, you will get a brand new machine.

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