How to Clean Blender Blades Quickly (The Best Way)

If you name one mandatory kitchenware apart from utensils, the blender will come first. Every kitchen has one; it is an essential appliance of a well-decorated complete kitchen. A blender lets you be creative, and it is a huge time saver. From blending to mixing, you can make anything with a good blender. If you have a standard blender in your kitchen, there are almost no recipes you can skip. Apart from mixing vegetables, it will help you to prepare the cooking ingredients by crushing them perfectly.

The blender market is vast, more than a billion-dollar industry. You will get numerous options to consider while buying. There are many expensive, smart, and digital blenders in the market. Also, you can get the best blender under $100 that will allow you to buy a pretty good blender without clearing your bank balance.

The best Ways to Clean Blender Blades

There is a drawback using and owning a good blender – the cleaning side. Most of the blenders we have reviewed are dishwasher safe – at least top parts. But often, you have to clean the parts manually to make sure every aspect of your blender is shiny, not dirty. If you plan to clean the blender blades, most of the cases, you have to clean them manually; otherwise, the leftover food or stains will remain. So to make the cleaning part easy for you, we have come up with few simple and easy methods to clean your blenders right away.

How to Clean Blender Base and Carafe (Self-cleaning Method)

For your convenience, we have divided the whole blender into three parts: base, carafe, and blades. Before cleaning the blades, you can first clean the base and carafe. Let’s check out how to clean blender’s base and carafe parts.

Step 1: Empty your blender and shake it upside down to bring out any mixing stuck in the carafe.

Step 2: Now, fill the carafe halfway with warm water.

Step 3: Add either a mild dishwashing soap or a few drops of lemon juice.

Step 4: After adding soap or lemon juice into the warm water, turn on the blender in the low setting and blend the mixture for around 30 seconds.

Step 5: Pour out the mixture and rinse the carafe.

Step 6: Now, let your blender air dry.

The lemon juice works best to clean stains; however, if your blender has stubborn stains, you can use apple cider vinegar that works efficiently. For cleaning the blender base, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Collect a kitchen towel and a bit of dishwasher soap.

Step 2: Now, mix soap with water and lightly dampen the towel.

Step 3: Scrub the blender base gently to clean it.

Step 4: To clean the base button, use a Q tip with some warm water.

How to Clean Blender Blades (Manual Method)

Each machine has an essential part; similarly, blades are the crucial elements of any blender. You may find a set of stainless steel 6-blade if you own a high-quality blender. However, only high-tech blenders have an auto-cleaning feature. If your blender does not have this function, you have to clean them manually.

Why cleaning blender blades necessary? Well, if you want the blender to perform at the optimum level and have the blades stay as sharp as a sword for a long time, you need to keep cleaning them regularly. The standard practice is not to leave any leftover food on the blades after mixing or blending.

Usually, the blender blades need to be cleaned after cleaning the carafe because the blades might be cleaned while you are cleaning the base and carafe. So after cleaning the base and carafe, if you find the blades are still dirty and food particles are stuck in-between the blades, you need to remove the blades carefully and clean them separately.

The cleaning method is similar to carafe cleaning. Read the steps below and follow them carefully.

Step 1: Collect apple cider vinegar or mild dishwasher soap and hot water.

Step 2: Mix either of them with hot water.

Step 3: Wash the blades in multiple times.

Step 4: After washing, dry the blades with a towel.

However, if the blender blades have hard or stubborn stains and are still dirty, the dishwasher soap and hot water will not benefit you. In that case, you have to move from standard procedure to commercial cleaning products – Polident tablets.

To use Polident tablets, follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Unscrew the blades from your blender.

Step 2: Melt two Polident tablets with water in a jug. However, if you have problem unscrewing the blades leave them in the base and dissolve two tablets.

Step 3: Now, scrub the blades carefully because there is a chance it may sharp cut your finger.

Step 4: Then, rinse them thoroughly.

Step 5: Dry the blades with a kitchen towel.

Cleaning blender blades is a not difficult task if you know what to do. All you need is a bit of dishwasher soap, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar along with some hot water. In this post, we have discussed the top two methods: self-cleaning and manual. Using these techniques with exact ingredients, you can even remove the most challenging stains in the blades.


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