How to Make Ice Cream in a Ninja Blender

Ice cream is the perfect dessert for all ages; it is hard to find anyone who does not love a cold scoop with their favorite toppings. You can make ice cream in a variety of ways. Here, I will share how to make ice cream in a Ninja Blender.

When you are in the restaurant and finish your favorite meal, you can order ice cream with your favorite ingredients. However, if you are at home and want ice cream right away, you have to prepare it using the blender.

Why I recommend Ninja blender for making ice cream?

We all know that you can chop, crush, mix, and blend foods and vegetables using the blender. Also, it is perfect for making smoothies, milkshakes, and your favorite on-the-go juice. But did you know you can make bulletproof coffee using a blender? Well, a blender can be used for making so many foods and desserts.

If I talk about blender, Ninja Blender comes as our first choice.  It is the perfect food processor to mix and blend all the ingredients from hard to liquid equally. With the compact design and high-speed motor power, you can combine all ice cream ingredients perfectly. When it comes to the blender, my favorite choice is the Ninja blender. That’s why while writing about the blender for Shakeology, I have recommended Ninja blender for users.

How to Make Vanilla Ice Cream with a Ninja Blender

Using the Ninja blender, you can make ice cream in various ways, and the processes are easy. You will need to get your favorite ingredients. Here, I will share the basic vanilla ice cream recipe, and you can add more flavor and ingredients without any issue.

Want to add chocolate chips with vanilla? No problem, you can also add candy bars, cookies, and more. Let’s check out the common ingredients and complete the process to prepare vanilla ice cream using Ninja Blender.


  • A mixing bowl
  • A mixing whisk
  • Two equal size ice cube trays
  • Two tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • 3.4 ounces of vanilla instant pudding mix
  • Two and a half cups plus two tablespoons of whole milk

Time Required

  • 10 minutes to prepare the ingredients
  • 8 hours to freeze the mixture
  • 2-3 minutes to blend using Ninja blender

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Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe using Ninja Blender

After getting all the ingredients I have listed above, follow the steps below to make Vanilla ice cream.

Step 1: Pour two cups of whole milk with the package of instant vanilla pudding in the mixing bowl.

Step 2: Mix these ingredients using the whisk until milk and vanilla dissolved completely.

Step 3: Now, pour the mixture into the ice cube trays equally.

Step 4: Put both of the trays in the freezer. Make sure the trays can stay perfectly flat.

Step 5: Freeze the ingredients for 8 hours or overnight.

Step 6: After freezing, bring out the trays.

Step 7: Get your Ninja blender. We recommend using Ninja Professional Blender (Model #NJ600).

Step 8: Now, add the standard blade into your Ninja blender if the blades are not attached yet.

Step 9: Add ½ cup plus two tablespoons of cold whole milk and two tablespoons of vanilla extract.

Step 10: Close the blender lid and press the crush menu in the Ninja Blender.

Step 11: Blend all the ingredients for 35-40 seconds but avoid over mixing.

Step 12: Open the lid and remove the container.

Step 13: Serve the vanilla ice cream immediately using the below toppings if you want.

Suggested Toppings

However, if you want to add toppings and more ingredients, you can choose the following.

  • Caramel syrup
  • Candy
  • Crushed nuts
  • Chocolate shaving or sauce
  • Fresh fruits

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That’s it. There are no specific ingredients; you can add anything to your ice cream. I have shown you a simple vanilla ice cream recipe using a Ninja blender. However, if you want to make chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla, you can just switch to instant vanilla pudding with chocolate. Let us know in the comment section how it goes if you make ice cream using the Ninja blender.

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