How to Remove Glued Drawer Fronts

If you moved your kitchen or trying to fix the cabinet drawer and want to re-arrange it, but the drawer is attached with glue and doesn’t open, how does it feel? It really feels irritating. At that moment, if you use some essential tools and apply them the proper way, then you can remove the glued drawer. If you want to learn more about how to remove glued drawer fronts, then I recommend reading the full article. Because in this article, I will discuss the step-by-step guide so that you can apply it and do the thing easily. So let’s start with the next.

How to Remove Glued Drawer Fronts

There can be several reasons behind removing glued drawers. If you want to replace the drawer place or want to re-decorate it, then it needs to be in a different place. You will need some tools to remove the glued drawer fronts. The tools are:

How to Remove Glued Drawer Fronts

Take a knife and a medium size hammer, which will help to remove the drawer. After then, take a hairdryer which will heat up the glue and make it easy to take it off. Add some sandpaper which is needed to smooth out any rough edges. Finally, to replace the new drawer, you will need some adhesive. I recommend collecting the construction adhesive or panel adhesive to do the process.

Now you will get 7 simple steps to follow to remove glued drawer fronts easily at home. The steps are:

Step 1: Know which adhesive is used.

There are many kinds of adhesives available. First, you need to understand which adhesive is used in the drawer. If you understand the adhesive type, you can apply the specific method to remove it because the different adhesive has different methods. If you don’t understand the type, you have to apply several methods to remove drawer fronts.

Step 2: Arrange the tools which are needed to use.

As we discussed before, the tools will depend on the adhesive. If the adhesive is solvent, you will need rags, gloves, and a paper towel. It completely depends on the adhesive quality.

Step 3: Make the area ready.

Prepare the place that you want to replace and from where you want to remove the drawer. If the glue is solvent, you will need a large surface to remove it altogether.

Step 4: Apply heat to the glue.

Most of the glue usually removes if it’s near to the heat. You will need a glue gun or hair dryer to resolve the glue, which is stuck in the drawer. After removing the glue with heat, you can quickly move the drawer.

Step 5: Use a Scraper or Chisel.

After applying heat to the glue, use Scraper or Chisel to remove it completely. If it shows stubbornness and doesn’t come out, then you may need to use a solvent.

Step 6: You can use solvent.

Before you do this step, make sure you have gloves on your hand. Apply the solvent to the glued area with a rag and rub it. After then, you will see the glue will be removed, and the drawer will be free from it.

Step 7: Clean the remaining adhesive.

Now it’s time to clean the leftover adhesive, which is still stuck in the drawer. You will need sandpaper to help remove all the leftover glue.

Those are the simple steps to remove glue from the drawer fronts. The necessary thing is to understand the glue type. It will solve the half problem.

Final Verdict: I hope now you know how to remove glued drawer fronts. A drawer is a necessary thing for the kitchen or cabinet. So if you want to remove it without others’ help, this article will help you. If you have any other queries, please write in the comment section. Thank you for reading the article.

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