How To Use Indian Mixer Grinder In the USA

Nowadays, Indian electronic items are so famous all over the world. But geographically, manufacturers made those items, especially for India. So it might create a problem if you want to use use Indian Mixer Grinder In the USA or other items in another country. Indian mixer grinders are famous for their good quality. So if you live in the USA or going to the USA but want to keep the Indian mixer grinder with you, then this post is for you. In this article, I’ll discuss How To Use Indian Mixer Grinder In the USA. So read this post till the end.

How To Use Indian Mixer Grinder In the USA

If you want to use an Indian mixer grinder in the USA, you must follow some way to set up the settings. India usually makes a mixer grinder from 500 to 1000 watts. But there is some other mixer grinder which has different watts  system.How To Use Indian Mixer Grinder In the USA

Well, if you want to use an Indian mixer grinder, you have to set up these settings:

  • You will need a transformer for using an upper than 750watts voltage.
  • Choosing a step-up transformer with a little higher rating is preferable.
  • Usually USA requires 110volts, but the Indian mixer grinder capacity has 220-240volts.
  • Arrange a transformer from amazon and set it up before using the grinder.
  • On the contrary, India has 50Hz electric frequency, and the USA has 60 Hz per second.
  • India manufactures products with high voltage protection, so if you use it in the USA, it won’t cause so many problems.

That’s all for the process.

Which Indian Mixer Grinder Can Be use In the USA?

You can use Preethi Eco Plus Mixer Grinder 110-Volt in USA/Canada. It is white and has 3-jar: 1 Mixer grinder, 11.5 Litre big jar, 11.0 Litre middle jar, and 10.4 Litre chutney jar.

Can I carry a mixer grinder on an international flight?
Yes, you can. The mixer grinder only works when it’s connected to electricity. So you can easily carry this on your check-in baggage.

Can I Carry Indian Spices To the USA

Generally, condiments, vinegar, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee, and tea are perishable in the USA. But rice can be affected by insects, so it’s better not to take this in the USA.

What Spices Are Not Allowed In the USA?

Most dried spices are allowed except for orange, lemon, lime, and other citrus leaves and seeds, lemongrass, and many vegetable and fruit seeds. Noodles and ramen that have animal products are not allowed in the USA.

Can I Carry Saffron On Flight To USA?

If you take a huge amount of saffron on an international flight, you have to take permission from FDA and CBP. But a few dried items, including saffron, can be carried in the check-in bag.

Can I Take Cooked Food On International Flight?

Any cooked food is allowed on the USA flight as long as that is not liquid. So you can safely fly with this.

Will Indian Electronics Work In Canada?

You will need a plug adaptor from India to Canada, and make sure that the equipment is dual voltage.

Can I Use Indian Electric Rice Cooker In the USA?
Yes, you can. Power converters are available in the USA. So you can use your Indian induction cooker in the USA.

Final Verdict: In the age of globalization, it’s very easy to travel from one country to another country. If those things are legal, you can transfer things on an international flight without facing any hazel. So in this post, you got some idea about How To Use Indian Mixer Grinder In the USA. Hope this post will be helpful for you.

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