What Can You Do With a Food Processor?

If you’re a chef or maybe love cooking, you must know how important a food processor is in daily life. If you’re about to buy a food processor, then you might know What Can You Do with a Food Processor. In this article, I’ll discuss many ways to use food processors and whether it would be worth your buying.

What Can You Do with a Food Processor?

A food processor is a solution for everyday life. It helps to prepare food to cook within a minute. You can create a lot of food recipes with a single food processor. It is the best item for making your vegan food, even if you’re a vegan. If you’re in a hurry or maybe you’re a quick person, then a food processor makes your life easier than anything else. You can create thousands of recipes with a food processor.

In this part of the article, I’ll discuss what you can do with a food processor with some recipes.

What Can You Do With a Food Processor

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Use Food Processor to Blend

A food processor is a great alternative to a blender. You can mix, shred, knead, dice, and grind with it. A food processor can do multiple works rather than a blender. You can blend hard food like:

1. Pesto

You can use a food processor to make famous pesto sauce and add ingredients like pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, fresh basil, olive oil, black pepper, and parmesan. No one will stop you if you add more elements to this sauce!

2. Hummus

Hummus is a popular middle eastern food that requires a heavy, powerful motor to blend its ingredients. Use as many beans and other elements as you want, but you’ll need a good food processor to mix it properly.

Use Food Processor to Knead the Dough

It is time-consuming to knead the dough, but many food processors come with a dough blade, so this feature made it easy to do the process. It is a multipurpose blade made with heavy plastic, so it is best for kneading dough.

3. Pasta and Pizza Dough

If you make your pasta dough at home and taste it, you’ll know the difference. At the same time, you can make pizza, pasta, and butter dough without any issues.

4. Bread Dough

To make bread dough with a food processor, use the plastic dough blade and quick pulses and continue the process for one to three minutes. After making the bread dough ready, you can make burger bread, brown bread, and what not!

Use Food Processor to Puree

You can use the multipurpose S blade to puree food within a moment. It’s very easy to use it. With this, you can make baby food, salsa, and many more things.

5. Nut Butters

Now you can make nut butter at home with a strong, powerful food processor. A nut is hard, but a good food processor can easily smash it. With a good nut butter recipe, you can make nut butter.

6. Mayonnaise

Making mayonnaise at home is a horror work for some people because it takes too much time. But with a good food processor, you can slowly add oil, milk, and egg and make tasty homemade mayonnaise.

Use Food Processor to Slice and Grate

It has a different shape blade to slice and grate things. You can slice vegetables and other things. A food processor has an attachment of a shredder or grating disc that rests on top of the bowl. Using this grating cheese and butter is simple. A food processor is a blessing for vegan people. I’ll discuss why it’s a blessing.

7. Vegetables and Fruits

If you’re a vegan, you must take vegan food, and most of the vegan food is quick and easy to eat. Cut any vegetables and fruits or slice them with a food processor.

8. Cheese

Soft or hard cheese, vegetables like broccoli, carrots, potato, and cabbage is simple and quick to grate with a food processor.

Use Food Processor to Chop and Grind

Copping is one of the main purposes of using food processors. To chop or grind things, you have to insert the S-blade into the bowl, add ingredients, replace the lid and set it to the Low or Pulse mode.

9. Nuts and Spices

Nuts and spices are the main ingredients of most food. You can chop salad, onions, walnuts, almonds, and many hard ingredients to chop with it.

10. Breadcrumbs or Meats

Put crumbs in the food processor, and you’ll never need to buy breadcrumbs. When it’s to meat, you can cut meat as you want.

Final Verdict: A food processor is a must item for modern cooking. It saves time and energy and helps cook tasty food like a professional chef. I tried to give you some idea about What Can You Do with a Food Processor. I hope all the information helps you. Thank you for reading the full post.

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